Register to Vote

Santa Cruz County Board of REALTORS® encourages you to participate in the election process and to do so your first step is to register to vote. Following links will help you register to vote and give you deadlines for early voting and important election dates.

The decisions made by elected officials affect our lives every day, from the taxes we pay to the roads we drive on to the schools our children attend. That's why it's important to participate in the political process and help choose your elected officials by exercising your right to vote.

Santa Cruz County, Arizona Elections

The Santa Cruz County Elections Department under the direction of the Board of Supervisors administers, conducts and tallies all federal, state and county elections held in Santa Cruz County in accordance to Arizona Revised Statutes. The department also provides contract election services and assistance to the City of Nogales, School Districts, Fire Districts and the Provisional Community College District.

Election Department Responsibilities

Santa Cruz County has approximately 20,000 active registered voters residing in 24 election precincts. The Elections Department is responsible for:
  • Final vote tabulation and official results for canvassing by the Board of Supervisors
  • Issuing, accepting and maintaining candidate, initiative, referendum and recall filings
  • and campaign committee financial reports
  • Providing for the printing of all election related material
  • Recruiting, hiring and training election board workers
  • Securing polling locations