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Annual REALTOR® Caucus

Held in September, the annual REALTOR® Caucus is a long-held tradition, and is the start of the “new year” for AAR’s assessment of the state of Arizona public policy.
  • The REALTOR® Caucus proceeds the State Capitol’s autumn season of bill drafting and bill sponsor-seeking efforts by stakeholder groups that set the stage for live legislation during the session.

  • From across the state, REALTOR® delegates appointed to represent Arizona’s 21 local boards and associations discuss and debate the current issues impacting real estate industry issues and practices.

  • Any key recommendations from these discussions and collaborative roll calls will then be forwarded to AAR’s Legislative & Political Affairs Committee and then to the AAR Board of Directors for approval.

Realtor® Day At The Capital

As the state legislature begins its regular session, the annual REALTOR® Day at the Capitol is held in January by the Arizona Association of REALTORS® government affairs committee.
  • The REALTOR® Association brings together REALTORS® from across the state to kick off the new year’s legislative session and meet with politicians from their districts.

  • This is an opportunity for members of the association to familiarize themselves with the legislative process, hear from speakers involved within the industry, and most importantly, convey first-hand to their senators and state representatives the various issues of importance impacting the real estate community.

Without the REALTOR® Party

  • Arizona Homeowners would pay $20.2 million dollars in property taxes

  • Brokers and agents would be paying $80-$150 for additional business licenses in each city or town in which they do business

  • Arizona would have a real estate transfer tax, resulting in double taxation (Prop 100, amended the constitution – 2008)

  • Arizona would have a professional services tax

  • Arizona’s anti-deficiency law protection would no longer exist

  • For Sale and For Rent signs in HOAs and condo associations could be regulated or prohibited (SB 1062 – 2007)

  • Open houses could be limited by HOAs

  • HOAs and condos could freely restrict rentals

  • Dual licensure would be required to sell a used mobile home on real property (HB 2373 – 2004)

  • A real estate agent would be limited in their ability to provide broker opinions of values/broker’s price opinion or BOV/BPO (SB1291 2007)

  • Property owners would be liable for the unpaid water bills of tenants or prior owners. (HB 2193 2011)HOA disclosure fees would be unlimited (SB 1149)

  • Statewide earth fissure maps would not be available and updated – and real estate licensees would have more liability for the issue (HB 2639 – 2006)

  • Sellers would be subject to a host of unreasonable disclosure obligations, such as disclosure of the active ingredient in any pesticide used on the property to treat household pests. (HB 2174 – 2002)

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