COVID-19 Response

Arizona Department of Health Services

On May 12, 2020, Governor Doug A. Ducey announced that Arizona’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected Order would be ending on Friday May, 15, 2020. This will be replaced by the new Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger Executive Order, which takes effect on Saturday, May 16, 2020.
The new guidance for the next stage of economic recovery aligns with gating criteria that was issued by the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and aims to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 resurgence, protect vulnerable populations, and guide the reopening of businesses with enhanced physical distancing and safety measures in place. Arizona will gradually phase in formerly restricted operations through the months of May and June with policy that promotes social distancing, as well as encouraging social connectedness.
Under the new order:
  • Testing availability and frequency will be ramped up,
  • Tracking of key health metrics such as reported symptomatic cases and emergency room usage will be implemented,
  • Surge hospital capacity will be stood up and used as needed,
  • Statewide contact tracing will be expanded,
  • Supply chains for PPE for frontline medical workers and emergency responders will be bolstered,
  • Enhanced safety protocols to protect those living and working in high-risk facilities such as nursing homes will be implemented,
  • Additional public health guidance for businesses and individuals to ensure continued physical distancing will be provided. 
“Since the start of this pandemic, Arizona has taken a calm and steady approach to protecting health and slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Ducey. “Today, our hospitals have capacity to provide care to those who need it; our businesses are implementing and adapting to new physical distancing measures; and data shows Arizona is headed in the right direction. It is time to move forward with the next steps of Arizona’s economic recovery — while continuing to make health and safety our number one priority. I’m grateful to all Arizonans for their partnership and cooperation during these trying times. By continuing to follow the data and recommendations of public health officials, we can continue to move forward safely and responsibly together.”
Arizona is now allowing barbers and cosmetologists, retail establishments, casinos, pools, gyms and fitness providers, and spas to reopen with physical distancing and enhance sanitation. Additionally, restaurants are able to offer dine-in services to customers.

Santa Cruz County Department of Health Services

Effective June 19th, 2020 cloths masks are required in public places. Community transmission is present in Santa Cruz County. Please take adequate precautions if you leave your home and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Arizona level of community COVID-19 is widespread with increasing risk in some areas.

City Of Nogales

Effective June 18th, 2020 face masks are required in public places. The City of Nogales is taking decisive action to respond to the spread of COVID-19 and protect the residents of Nogales:
  • The City setup and staffed a Situation Room to provide decision-makers with information, in response to the growing threat of COVID-19. The Situation Room is staffed with individuals with multiple decades of experience in public safety and emergency management.
  • The City sent health guidance from the CDC to all employees
  • The City suspended non-essential travel for all employees
  • The City sent packets of information from CDC and AARP to 189 public housing residences, who have a head of household above the age of 60 years old.

National and World Health and Statistics

Following resources is a compilation of national and world COVID-19 research, how to keep the Novel Coronavirus at bay, and current and projected statistics of cases at the state level and around the world.